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Automatic container loading and unloading system: SECONTAINER

Neumax 14000, automatic container loading system and SDM/UMS manual unloading system.

Secon designed a container loading system to load all different kinds of loads horizontally into 20” or 40” containers.

By means of this Neumax 14000 system, all loads can be transported into standard containers avoiding “open tops”.

“Open top” containers are more expensive and not always available, so the Neumax 14000 system investment will be amortized according to the number of containers to be loaded.

The Neumax 14000 automatic container loading system can be operated from ground level or from chassis height level according to desired loading procedures.

The Neumax 14000 automatic container loading system will be operated at the loading dock and at the destination of the container a manual unloading system SDM/UMS will be available for unloading the same load.

The manual unloading system SDM/UMS is 100% compatible with the Neumax 14000 automatic container loading system, and only needs a driving unit to pull the manual unloading system SDM out of the container.

This driving unit can be a winch or a forklift truck or any other vehicle available at the unloading site.

The loading system step by step

General View
Initial status
Wooden frame
Loading process
Loading process
Container loaded